Reasons Why Every Woman (and Man) Should Watch Wonder Woman

I think we can all agree that the last few DC films have been a bit more than disappointing, so it should me of no surprise to you when I say that I definitely held my breath going in to watch Wonder Woman. I had predetermined that it would be the make or break film for me. Either it would sink like the others and I would hang up hope for DC and not waste my time watching The Justice League when it premiered, or it would actually be better and I would 't have to shift all of my "superhero film energies" toward Netflix + Marvel and waiting for the Black Panther to come out. The best part was when Gal Gadot showed up and started sorting things out.



Less than 10 minutes in (yes I checked my watch) I knew I was going to enjoy this movie, and that's a rarity for any film. I wasn't constantly waiting for a moment to laugh or something exciting to happen. There was even a very brief moment of sadness. But, without giving too much away, I've rounded up a few reasons for you browse (no real spoilers) to motivate you to watch or re-watch the film.



Have you watched Wonder Woman yet? If not, what are you waiting for?



What are other Summer films (or shows) you waiting to see? (Game of Thrones anyone)

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