How's your 2018?


We all want growth right, and growth comes from change. Actually, growth is change in a positive way.  It wasn't that long ago, about six months to be exact, that everyone was gearing up to set or swear off creating New Year's Resolutions. The idea of starting over or beginning again is so appealing to us, yet very few people actually follow through, myself included. With the start of May a friend of mine mentioned that the year was almost over, and something being 'almost over' is often what it takes for us reassess where we are in terms of life, the year, the day, etc. While chatting we discussed how hectic this year had been so far, but also that we weren't anywhere near where we set out to be. It wasn't because it wasn't obtainable, but more so because we lost sight and didn't track the day-to-day goals that we had neglect to set for ourselves. So what did we do? We went back to the drawing board and set out areas to improve upon that would make the most difference. Implementing these in just the past few weeks has been a life (and goal) changer.

PRODUCTIVITY I'm not referring to a To-Do List filled with meaningless tasks that you can check off for the self-satisfaction of saying, "Whew! I got a lot done today." No, these should be prioritized tasks. that have a greater return rate than contributing to an ego. There is a sort of catalyst that gets created once you start this, and you begin to get more done and in a better way sometimes. If you're sitting on an e-mail that needs to be written or a phone call that needs to be made, do it. Is there a project to be done or something that's been in the back of your mind collecting dust for far too long? Bring it to the forefront and get after it. I personally use my planner to now set specific goals if my personal and professional life.



The grass really isn't greener. Your opportunity isn't in another time in another place. These sayings have easily become an excuse for lack of effort and to honestly just quit trying. Everyone has their own possibilities in life, and you have to make it happen. You have to work for it to happen. You need to give in a way that you haven't given for anything else in your life for it to happen. It's helpful to look or really glance at other successful people and have laid a roadmap to get to where or want you want, but don't obsess. Hold it in your mind but start doing what needs to be done. Start creating your own version of that roadmap catered specifically to who you are and your circumstances.



Ideas are wonderful. They are the product of your imagination, often a solution to a problem or improvement upon something. But unless you do something to make them a reality, then that's all they will ever be, an idea. This blog post itself started as an idea, as are the others I have in a draft form, and it's sat in-completed for quite a few weeks. The one thing that blew the dust off of it is the book that I'm listening to right now (as I type this). I've filled my leisure time lately consuming advice from entrepreneurs and creatives alike. Through the different videos and social media posts, I came across a guy that seemed to always be way, be mentioned in some capacity. After much research and coming to the conclusion that he was more than legit I added audio version of his book to my library. Holy crap. The fact that this post is finally going up but also staying up, is a direct result from listening to his book.


Not your finances although if you aren't already, that's a great place to start. But I am talking about budgeting your time. There is an abundance of information out in the world on time management but I've learned that it really boils down to time budgeting.There is an abundance of information out in the world on time management but I've learned that it really boils down to time budgeting. Whether you use a paper or digital camera or you go through a one-time process, it's important to know how much free and/or wasted time that you have every single day. It may sound overwhelming and like another daunting task to be done, but at this moment it's probably one of the single most valuable (and simple) things that you can do for yourself. Let's give it a try.

Put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard and ask/calculate the following:


  • Sleeping:
  • Getting Ready/Winding Down:
  • Eating (breakfast, lunch, dinner):
  • Commuting:
  • Working Out:
  • Social Media(be honest):
  • Leisure Activities:
  • Etc:

Now add up those numbers, muliply it by 7, then subtract that total from 168. How much time do you have left?


Ideas are nothing without polished execution.


What lessons have you learned so far in 2018? What changes are you going to make to reach your goals?