A Summertime Quest

Happy June 1st (and a very happy 25th to one of my best friends)!

This post was originally set to be titled "100 Days of Summer: A Challenge." But quite frankly the more I stared at it and it stared back at me, the bigger my own disinterest grew. So I took it as a sign: why start this 'challenge' of mine disinterested and increase my chances of not completing it? Besides I'm a bit put off reading "100 (or 101 if you know my reference) Days" of anything. So it was back to my thinking chair with my mojito in hand.

———————CHALLENGE TO QUEST————————

Sometimes we (humans) do things just to prove than we can, and the harder sometimes unnecessary things are usually to prove something to ourselves (or in some people's cases to loved ones but that's an ongoing conversation to be started at a much later date). That's what the challenge was starting to resemble: something to be proven but that I didn't need to. . . because I already had. You see I growing up I used to write all.the.time. We're talking from my first book being published in second grade to odd short stories that no one has seen to this day. Even now I still keep a rarely updated journal, and a notebook of the occasional ideas of character descriptions, plots, and settings mixed with scribbles of ideas completely unrelated. But the process of looking back over the years became a sort of journey for me (you know that lovely saying about hindsight), and that's when the realization happened. All I really wanted was to revive the process that had served me well for so many years. I needed to get back to the process that gave me an alternate way to tell my truth, sometimes others' truth, and occasionally the fictitious realities of my short stories.


So let's raise our glasses (take this time to pour yourself a drink) to toast. Here's to:

  • not having one of those blogs/websites full of fluff
  • Laying out your ideas and taking them (the ideas not yourself) very seriously
  • acknowledging and verbalizing what you need, then pursuing it
  • showing up and taking that first step on your own quest
  • Laughing through the pain of it all
  • the self-improvement along the way (Amen anyone?)
  • Getting to the end and realizing the end of one quest is really the beginning of another ;-)

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