About Me


I take pictures: capturing moments, freezing memories, visually safeguarding peoples legacies.

I tell stories: sometimes photographically, often through written words, scarcely verbally.

Boundaries are set to be pushed. Guidelines are for, well...guiding.

Feeling stuck (especially creatively) is my kryptonite. It also takes 10,000 of practice to master a skill (says Robert Greene). I can gladly inform you that I am a master of overcoming creative immobility.

Creativity is everywhere, and can be implemented in the most mundane things.



Fiction is my jam, but non-fiction and my bible fuel my  soul.

Experiences  over things

I have the privilege of regularly teaching and learning from kids. Truly, comforting a child who's world is in shambles because their "bestie" won't be their friend that day will make you text (because we don't like talking on the phone) your best friends who are 6,000 miles away too!

It's a blessing being able to work with people who are vastly different than me, but whom I always find a commonality with.

October 2017 marks the ninth year of research of diving into my family history. This journey has re-solidified the importance of photographs in my life and how I present them to clients. It's quite chilling when the only photos you can find of your ancestors are those in  their obituaries.

Family first.